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Jan 31 2018

2018 Chevrolet Volt – An Owner’s Perspective

After many years of test-driving cars and writing review articles for various Canadian media outlets, I’ve finally bought a new car. It’s a 2018 Chevrolet Volt, a model that’s interested me since its introduction in 2011, and even before that, actually, as a concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 2007. Then it was …

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Jan 17 2018

2018 Mazda CX-3: Big fun in a small package

You get a lot standard in the 2018 Mazda CX-3. Large seven-inch display, wide-angle rearview camera, push-button start, air conditioning, internet capable radio, cruise control, and get this… a six-speed manual transmission! You don’t see many of those anymore. And you get Mazda’s new “G Vectoring Control” system. More on that later. The “base” GX …

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Jan 16 2018

2018 Nissan Qashqai: Another Jumbo Shrimp from Nissan

It’s called a Qashqai. I know, another weird car name. Sorry, but nobody I met could remember it even after hearing the name a few times. Repeat after me… cash-kye! In the US they didn’t even bother. There it’s called the Nissan Rogue Sport. Ha! Okay, Nissan’s latest introduction to the Canadian marketplace, the Qashqai …

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Dec 11 2017

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan: It’s new; it’s here; it’s changed!

Just spent a pleasant week in the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. And when I say all-new, I mean it! There’s nothing that carries over from the first-generation Tiguan beyond the name, much to the initial disappointment of my partner who drives one and was considering the new model as a replacement. No, the 2018 Tiguan …

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May 24 2017

2017 Mazda CX5

Stylish, roomy and very well equipped, the 2017 Mazda CX-5 GT is arguably the best compact SUV in its segment. Not that it’s so compact anymore, as the entire segment has seen vehicle dimensions increase over the past few years. I’m not complaining, though. The size of the CX-5 is, as the nursery rhyme goes, …

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May 24 2017

2017 Mazda MX-5 RF

If you like driving, and have never driven an old-school sports car – that is, a light, two-seat roadster of modest power – you owe it to yourself to take a Mazda MX-5 for a spin. It’s all about the driving dynamics: acceleration, cornering, stopping. Behind the wheel of the MX-5 that translates to fun, …

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Apr 19 2017

Volkswagen Beetle “in the pink!”

“You’ve got to be a confident man to drive a car like that!” Hey, I didn’t say that. It was an opinion voiced by a customer at the local Volkswagen dealership as I parked and exited the $26,690 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Pink edition. And furthermore, I didn’t hear her say it; she was addressing another …

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Mar 06 2017

2017 Subaru Crosstrek Limited

I’ve driven a few Crosstreks since the vehicle’s introduction in 2012 as the 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek (Subaru eventually gave up on “XV” designation in Canada, as predicted by moi). Over the years, Crosstrek has been tweaked and refined, emerging as a complete package that emphasizes value, practicality and safety. Starting at $26,670 (including $1,675 …

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Jan 06 2017

2017 Ridgeline – Honda’s “Alt” Pickup

Way back in 2006, Honda introduced its Ridgeline pickup truck to many a raised eyebrow. Sorry, Honda, it just looked weird! But this was nothing new for Honda which three years earlier brought the quirky Element to market, hot on the heels of its very weird Insight. Of course, Honda also made striking cars like …

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Dec 07 2016

2017 Volkswagen SportWagen “Alltrack”

As new car prices seem to fall ever lower (for their base models, at least), my as-tested $38,215 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen “Alltrack” seems like something of an anomaly. Yes, it’s definitely a pricey VeeDub, with its MSRP including a couple of options nudging into the near-luxury segment. But if you simply like the look and …

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