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“Sold another one!” Toronto Classic Car Auction

Recently I attended the spring Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction (it’s typically held twice annually, spring and fall, at the International Centre). This is something I’ve done many times over the past couple of decades, mostly as a spectator. I say “mostly” because I’ve covered the auction when I was a working journalist and once, …

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Hi-Gear Engineering MGA Five-Speed Conversion – Doing it Yourself!

Hi-Gear Engineering Vitesse Global 5-Speed Conversion Tweet

MGA Adventures

In 1955, the MG car company finally introduced its all-new sports car, the MGA. It replaced the vintage MG “T” series cars that dated back to the 1920s, and in doing so, belatedly left behind the era of the car as motorized carriage. The MGA, in contrast to the charming but primitive previous-generation MG TC, …

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Honda S2000: Future Classic!

Named for the year in which it was released, former Honda chief Hiroyuki Yoshino said the Honda S2000 represented “Honda leading the way in sports cars in the next millennium.” Well, not quite. As it turned out, the S2000 became more of a closing act than an opening salvo, as Honda’s attention turned toward more …

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1969 Ford Cortina GT: Canadian Survivor!

As a boy growing up in England in the 1960s, my world was populated with its share of quirky people and their quirky vehicles. What kid could resist cars with names like Bristol Beaufighter, Jowett Jupiter, Reliant Scimitar and Jensen Interceptor? I sure couldn’t. True, others like the Imps, Elfs (Elves?) and Sprites sounded like …

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Joe Lightfoot’s Field of Dreams

The story of Joe Lightfoot’s British car adventure goes back many years. It begins in the early 1960s with a teenaged Joe motoring around in the family’s diminutive Austin A30 sedan. This was a time when British cars like Austin, Morris, Vauxhall and Hillman were a common sight on Canadian roads, and while Joe also …

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Midget Redux

A recent addition to my personal fleet was a 1968 MG Midget, which astute readers will quickly deduce is not a large car. I couldn’t resist. It called out to me via Kijiji from the mists of time and suburban Brampton, Ontario, where its owner for the last 32 years was fretting about selling it …

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1997 Alfa Romeo 155 Final Drive

Article and images: Paul Williams Over the past few years there’s been a lot of talk about Alfa Romeo returning to North America. Car and Driver magazine, for instance, reported in 2010 that Alfa Romeo was scheduled to return in 2012, but 2012 came and went, leaving North American “Alfisti” still patiently waiting. Earlier this …

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