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Jan 31 2018 – ran well when parked

Websites come and go, but there’s no website cemetery that I know of. There is an Internet Hall of Fame, it turns out, but there’s no Website Hall of Fame. If there was, I reckon should be in it. was the brainchild of one Grant Yoxon of Ottawa, Canada. He registered it in …

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Dec 14 2016

Monday, Monday – Test Car Secrets Revealed!

It’s early Monday morning, and winter in Canada. The eyelids of most Canadians are reluctantly fluttering into wakefulness as  clock radios come alive and the News heads straight for our national preoccupation: the weather. In Ottawa, this morning’s report is that it’s minus 10 degrees, light snow is falling, and school buses in the entire …

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Dec 05 2016

Speed Demons: Boomers to the rescue

Recently I was cruising down Meadowlands Drive in Ottawa where the speed limit is a paltry 40 km/h, when I happened upon an immaculate but slow-moving Toyota Avalon whose shiny blue paint just about equalled the lustre of its driver’s bald pate. Sorry, but I sized him up as a Senior right away. Characteristically hunched …

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Apr 02 2014

Donut Detour: Tim Horton Hamburgers

Here’s a picture of an early Tim Horton establishment that I understand was located in North Bay, Ontario. For people who like cars (and hockey, I guess), it’s interesting to see an original Mini parked next to the big green Ford sedan. What is that? A Galaxie 500? 1962? And there’s what I think is …

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Feb 04 2014

Cars, Cups and Shuttlecraft – Thomas Kellogg’s surprising designs

I must admit that I have a soft spot for the Studebaker Avanti. Do you know this car? It’s kind of a strange one. As the years go by, I’m not sure that the design is holding up very well, although it was controversial right from its introduction in 1962 as a 1963 model. But …

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Jan 30 2014

Driver education: RIP

Recently I published a short article for about the Autonomous Nissan Leaf, a vehicle engineered by Nissan to demonstrate the current state and future possibility of fully autonomous cars: that is, cars that drive themselves. Now you may think that such a technology is not realistic; not practical, but I’m telling you, autonomous-drive is …

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Dec 18 2013

Washington Nissan Leaf Owner Celebrates 100,000 All-Electric Miles

SEATTLE – Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, state Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson and representatives from Nissan today joined Steve Marsh of Kent, Washington, to celebrate a unique milestone – 100,000 all-electric miles driven in his Nissan LEAF. In early 2011, Marsh purchased an all-new Nissan LEAF for his 130-mile roundtrip daily commute. Since then, he has …

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