April 2018 archive

What’s the origin of the “boler” name?

Only a few years ago, you could pick up a vintage boler camper trailer for $1,500, maybe less. But over the past five years or so, interest in these diminutive Canadian-built, 40+ year old fiberglass trailers has soared to the point that $10,000 can be asked for an example in excellent condition. Why the demand? …

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2018 Chevrolet Volt: An owner’s perspective – Part 2

2018 Chevrolet Volt: An Owner’s Perspective – Part 1 With just over 5,000 kilometers on the odometer, I’ve owned my Satin Steel Metallic 2018 Chevrolet Volt for five months. And for four of those five months it has been cold. Very cold. So I will have relevant comments for those driving an electrified vehicle in …

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